Slide Interventions 1st Conference

Breathing: new technologies
Andrea Aliverti
Muscle Imagin
Filippo Arrigoni
Experience with patients
Federica Civati
Multicenter study on cingulate muscular dystrophies
Giacomo Comi
LGMD2A: Caring for the Patient
Grazia D’Angelo
Psychological and social resources in chronicity
Antonella Delle Fave
Overview: motor assessment and rehabilitation
Michelle Eagle
Breathing: The clinical aspects
Maurizio Grandi
Clinical reseach in LGMD2A: where are we?
Michela Guglieri
Genetic basis of calpain 3-deficient cingulate muscular dystrophy
Vincenzo Nigro
Exoskeletons to support upper limb movement
Alessandra Pedrocchi
Novel pharmacological approaches to treat protein-misfolding diseases
Dorianna Sandonà
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