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How often do we hear about muscular dystrophy?


But how often do we talk about this muscular dystrophy of ours?


The AICa3 - ETS association aims to focus attention on this specific muscular dystrophy of the cingulate, to stimulate communication between patients and to give input to research activities.

The registration is bound to the payment of the membership fee as per Article 6, paragraph D of the Statute of the Association.


Why a quota?


A certain economic availability is essential to start some initiatives such as the organization of events and fundraisers aimed at financing research projects. For this reason it is important to pay the annual membership fee of 25€.

The references for the payment of the membership fee (bank transfer, Paypal) can be found in the donation page.

ATTENTION: In case of payment by bank transfer or PayPal always specify the data of the member and the wording "membership fee" in the reason for payment.

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